Sunday, November 25, 2012

Uh-oh, Kitty-oh! {Project 365}

I had an early morning session in Landa Park today and came home with an unexpected souvenir. It appears that someone opted to desert three sweet little kittens in the park rather than bother to find homes for them. Or perhaps even get their pet spayed or neutered in the first place so they wouldn't be burdened with unwanted kittens.

The kittens appear to be a recent addition to the park. They're only about 3 months old from the looks of them. Two of the three were quite skittish, yet curious about us at the same time. One of them, the smallest and skinniest of the three, came right up to my daughter who has a huge soft spot in her heart for kittens. She cuddled the little runt, and played with her, and begged me to let her bring it home.

I said no. I continued to say no even as we made a trip to the grocery store to pick up some cat food to bring back to the kittens. I continued to say no even as they hungrily ate up the cat food as if they hadn't eaten in days. I said no.

Nevertheless, we took the little one home only on the condition that we do everything we can to find someone to adopt her. I would have taken them all home to at least provide them with a warm place to stay over night, but the other two were quite clear that I was welcome to bring them food, but I was not welcome to attempt to grab them.

So here we have my lovely little girl with her newest rescued kitten. If anyone would like a little holiday cheer in the form of kitten purrs and cuddles, let me know. And the other two at Landa Park would probably love a warm place to sleep and some food as well, provided you can catch them.

Twenty-four down, 341 to go.

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