Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To Blog or not to Blog {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

I just happened to notice that my last blog was more than a month ago. That won't do. The only thing is, I totally don't have time to blog right now. But I can't stand that it's been so long since I did. So instead of blogging. I'm going to recap the past month so you will see exactly why I simply don't have time for this.

September 25. One day after my last blog. Early release from school then off to the dentist for the kids where I got to spend a whopping 3 hours in the waiting room. Seriously. There would be no blog that day.

September 26. Two days after my last blog. Boudoir party. A very fun day of boudoir with some very fun ladies who snuck out of work together with their most interesting unmentionables on underneath their stuffy work clothes. There would be no blogging on this day!

September 27. Brianna and Travis got hitched. Totally fun wedding, but alas not time for blogging.

September 28. Kelly and Jason got married. Nicest couple ever. No time to blog!

September 29. Wake at 5 am to catch plane for Chicago where I was met by a bride and her family to be taken on a whirlwind tour of the city to shoot her bridals. Blogging? Forget about it!

September 30. Arriving home to a full list of chores and catch up work. sigh.

October 1-3. Full days of catching up, wedding sneak peeks, editing, returning phone calls and trying to breathe. No blog.

October 4. Ugh. Worst day ever. Sad news on the homefront. Forget about getting anything done for the next few days. Where's the hole I can climb into? You wouldn't want to see any blogging from me about this.

October 5. Calendar unveiling party! I'm totally going to blog about this shortly!

October 6. Happy birthday to me. I mean who can blog on their birthday? Really?

October 7. Picture day at school. The glorious annual event in which I stand in line and direct hundreds of children to their appointed Lifetouch photographer to get their stale but extremely traditional school pictures taken. With all the hair combing, nose wiping and smile inducing, how could I possibly blog?

October 8- 9. Still more editing, 2 sessions and a class.

October 10. Bras for a Cause. One of the most fun events I have the pleasure of photographing. Take a look at this . Now this it totally blog worthy. Okay I dropped the ball on this one, but who had time? Because right away we go into...

October 11. Multiple sessions and..

October 12. Lindsey and Seth get married. Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding.

October 13. Darla and Randy get married. Fun couple and a very rainy day.

October 14-18. Studio prep. So I'm breathing dust and cleaning, prepping and moving into my brand new studio space. Who has time to blog when you're doing manual labor. Really?

October 19. Sue and Jim get married in this perfect back yard ceremony.

October 20. Lovely visit with family out of town while I meet up with another fun couple for an engagement. No time to blog on the road.

October 21-29. No fewer than 11 appointments including sessions and meetings as well as studio prep, catch up editing, and quality time with the family.

Which brings us to today, October 30. I concocted a list of excuses for my lack of blogging, which in itself, made a blog. I'm pretty clever that way.

Now for my list of coming attractions, that is, things that are on my list to blog about when I get a minute here and there and I'm feeling spunky and creative: a blog about The Humane Society Calendar, a blog about my most recent experiences at judging (the Guadalupe County Fair one day and then the San Antonio Professional Photographers guild another day), a blog about the difference between there, their and they're because, really, isn't about time we all got that right?, and last but not least, a blog about my brand spanking new studio in the Landmark building. I'm seriously excited about it and I can't wait to share photos and invite all of you out. But alas, that's for another day. I've already blogged today.

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