Friday, September 21, 2018

What Happens at Kovar Hall, Stays at Kovar Hall. Not Really, I photographed it all! {Bastrop Wedding Photography}

Last weekend was muggy and wet, but it was also crazy and fun for this crowd of family and friends. Jamie and Derek got married at the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kovar and then headed over to the Kovar Hall to party all night.

The hall isn't air conditioned so the sweat ran as freely as the beer. But that didn't keep these fun people from dancing and having a good time.

Congratulations Jamie and Derek. It was so much fun photographing your big day!

Lisa On Location Photography

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Last Minute Bridal, Gruene Doesn't Disappoint {Gruene Bridal Photography}

Jamie is getting married to Derek right now! But just a few days ago we were scrambling to get some bridal portraits for her before the big day. We met in Gruene on a Monday morning and Jamie looked beautiful.

The wedding is just outside Smithville, but Gruene is a special place for Jamie and Derek because that's where Derek proposed to her. She showed me the spot and laughed about that evening many months ago.

I can't wait to share some images of the wedding day. Bur for now, take a peek at Jamie's bridals.

Lisa On Location Photography