Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holy Cancellation Batman! {Project 365}

Today's photo was taken of a set of useless Batman Live tickets. They weren't useless a few days ago. They were actually a Christmas present for The Boy. I was going to wrap them in a box with pretty paper and put a bow on it and maybe package it with a Batman toy. The Boy loves Batman.

The show was supposed to be a couple of days after Christmas at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio but a few days ago the company cancelled the show, along with several shows in other cities. No explanation, just cancelled.

Their press release does invite ticket holders in San Antonio to drive to Dallas to catch the show up there. Uh, no thanks.

I'm not saying he'll have a bad Christmas. The holiday will go on and we'll find other frivolous pursuits on which to spend our time and money. But holy macaroni, he really does love Batman.

Lisa On Location Photography

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