Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Baby {Project 365}

Today is a special day for me and my baby girl. It's special for my girl because she turned 14. It's special for me because it's a celebration of the day I became a mother for the first time.

Fourteen years ago a whole new life opened up to me. It was the day that a piece of my heart left my body and became a part of the world. It was one of the happiest days of my life as well as one of the most frightening. It was earth-shattering to realize that there was a little girl in the world that I would give my own life for. That I could love more than anything or anyone. She was so little and so precious and held so much of my heart in her tiny little hand.

I have to remind myself of that tiny little baby from time to time when she screams at me and slams the door because she doesn't get her way. I have to picture those baby brown eyes looking up at me from under her pink Pooh Bear hat every now and then. Especially when she rolls those eyes at me and answers my questions with sarcasm that I so richly deserve (she thinks).

I allowed my baby to put some red dye in her hair in honor of her fourteenth birthday. I watched the red cover up her beautiful dark blond locks. The same hair I washed so many times with Strawberry Shortcake bath soap while she played with Sparky the Whale (a squirty bath toy), and Sam the Working Duck (her bath thermometer rubber ducky).

The world sees my baby girl as a teenager. She has a smart mouth and sassy comebacks, she's the fastest texter in the the house and she could hide a full grown mountain lion in her room under all that crap and I'd never know.

But she's still my baby. More than a decade ago she wowed me with her first steps and impressed me with her knowledge of the ABCs. Now she amazes me with her talented writing, her intelligent conversation, and the mature and passionate way she sees the world.

She's on the right track. She's going to be a leader and make the world a better place. And I love her more every day. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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