Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aerosmith! {Project 365}

You may be thinking that since, day 15 was yesterday and you're not seeing a post until day 16, that I skipped a day and lost the bet.

Nope, no such luck. This image was shot yesterday so that makes it my 365 Project for day 15. Day 16 will come later today. It was after midnight when we got in from the Aerosmith concert so we both decided to hit the hay and post in the morning.

So this morning I'm sharing with you a snippet of last night's concert, what I could see of it anyway. Those two black figures on either side of Steven Tyler are Jerk #1 and Jerk #2. Jerk #2 was on crutches so he got a cush seat in the handicapped section in front of us and decided to stand up on those crutches throughout most of the show. If I stood up the people behind me had a thing or two to say so my choices were to tell the guy on crutches to sit his hiney down, or try my best to see the awesomeness of Aerosmith through Jerk #1 and #2. Being the non-confrontational, nice girl that I am, I chose the latter.

They didn't stand up all the time. Only on the really cool songs.

Fifteen days down 350 to go.

Lisa On Location Photography

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