Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And So it Begins {New Braunfels Senior Portrait Photography}

I've noticed that the senior portrait crowd tends to fall in two groups. The fall bunch who want to get a jump on the year and take their senior portraits during the fall, and then the spring bunch who wait until spring to get them taken.

My favorite time of year to shoot is the fall, when the leaves are starting to change and the weather is crisp. But I have to admit I also love the early spring. The time before it gets hot and the winter grasses are lovely and green.

The fall bunch is done. They have their portraits in hand and are passing them out to friends as we speak. Now the first of the spring bunch have begun to set up appointments and get their senior portraits taken. I did two in the last week.

There will be many more. I urge all seniors to start calling now for the best times and dates. The spring is about to hit and so will the weddings and all the other seniors who didn't already schedule their portraits. Can't wait to hear from you!

Lisa On Location Photography

Friday, February 13, 2015

There's a Brand New Venue in Town {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

It's always fun going to brand new venues. Everything is fresh and new. There are gorgeous areas that have never been photographed before and you get to be among the first to show the world how amazing these venues can be.

I've been honored to be the first photographer to photograph several venues in the area. Remember my blog about the Veranda. And I also got to be the first at Gruene Estates.

Well here comes a brand new venue in San Antonio, Noah's Event Center. I was contacted by Noah's months ago when it was still under construction. I'd done a lot of weddings with their event coordinator when she was with another venue and she wanted to list me as a preferred vendor. I was thrilled. Now they're just about ready to open up for business and they're hosting a Grand Opening open house next weekend.

Join me and the rest of the Noah's preferred vendors next Saturday from 11-2. Take a look around. It's at 18918 Ridgewood Pkwy San Antonio, TX. Can't wait!

Lisa On Location Photography

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Kids Behind the Mom Behind the Camera {New Braunfels Photography}

My kids are accustomed to having their photos taken. I'm pretty good about photographing their events and their stuff. But I'm bad about scheduling nice family sessions with them looking clean and put together and them touching each other and pretending to enjoy it. It's a chore. I understand what my clients are going through when they have to get themselves dressed in clean clothes and put on mascara and try to appear put together.

I took my kids to my mom's house last weekend to do just that in a pretty setting among the pine trees. It wasn't easy. Nobody wanted to do this. So I threatened and I bribed -- with a puppy.

It's not ours. The sweet puppy belongs to my mom, but it was just the enticement I needed to get them to agree to it. "We'll go to Nama's house to meet her new puppy!" I said in my excited voice. "And while we're there I'll snap a few photos of you kids looking pleasant and wearing clean clothes," I said in my much quieter "oh by the way" voice.

I managed to get a few of "The Boy" too if you can believe it. Most of his photos include silly faces and eyes closed on purpose. You should see the outtakes from this. But perseverance paid off -- and so did the threat of losing the XBox for the weekend.

So here they are, my darling children pretending to be loving siblings.

Lisa On Location Photography