Saturday, May 28, 2016

Castle Avalon is Fairy Tale Location {New Braunfels Photography}

I've been waiting so patiently for months to show you these bridal images of Chelsea. She's taking her vows right about now at Castle Avalon so I'm setting this blog to run at that moment.

I love love love Castle Avalon. There's a gorgeous spot for photos in literally every corner of that place.

This will be one of the coolest weddings I've photographed when it comes to decor and fun features to shoot. There will be a concert pianist and a caricature artist as well as a dove release and elegant decor.
I cant't wait to share it all.
For now take a look at Chelsea's bridal photos. She's gorgeous.

Lisa On Location Photography

Friday, May 27, 2016

It's Like Having a National Monument to Yourself for a While, Because That's What it is {San Antonio Engagement Photography}

When my young ones were little, we used to take them to the San Antonio Missions every spring for portraits. Back then they didn't have rules about professional photography on the grounds so there were always brides, quinceanera girls and families having portraits made and soft boxes and reflectors were everywhere. It was hard to compete for a clear background and it was hard to move around without getting in someone's shot.

It's no surprise that the Mission staff had to put restrictions on professional photography on the site. Now they require an appointment and charge a hefty fee. It's cut down on the number of sessions going on at any one time and it's opened the Mission up after hours as well for portrait sessions.

My beautiful clients, Priscilla and Gabriel, reserved an after-hours shoot the other day and I was lucky enough to come along. When you reserve for an after hours shoot, you get your own private staff member with keys to the buildings to help you and let you into places you might not be able to otherwise go.

We were hoping for clear skies this evening because it had been raining on and off for days. We got stormy skies instead, but that worked out okay for some of those dramatic shots.

Mission San Jose is a peaceful place after hours. You can almost hear the walls talking.

Lisa On Location Photography

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rainy Days are Made for Lucky Wedding Days {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

I always heard it was good luck to rain on your wedding day. It rained on mine almost 20 years ago. Just a brief shower that hit at the exact moment I was supposed to walk from the church to the reception hall. Just enough to splatter me and smear my mascara.

Britni and Miles, however, got a nice deluge on their wedding day. Their luck should be decades long. Rio Cibolo Ranch is a lot of fun. The wedding site was a gorgeous garden. It looked so lovely as the guests began gathering to wait for Britni to make her appearance. That's when the clouds opened up and chased everyone inside. The staff pulled together a nice area under the reception roof to have the ceremony.

Britni and Miles didn't care where they said their vows. They just wanted to get married.

The clouds cleared up soon during the ceremony and gave us a lovely clear evening and gorgeous sunset.

Take a peek at a few of their images below.

Lisa On Location Photography