Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 11, It's a Lens, Baby {Project 365}

365 photo challenge, Lisa On Location photography, New Braunfels, Texas. Lensbaby
Yes, it's my kitty again. And I am literally not cheating by using my kitty for another photo on another day. In fact, if I wanted to, I could post 365 photos of my cat up here as long as they were all taken on different days! So, yes, here is Summerlove again. But this time, I decided to pull out my Lensbaby and play with it.

That's no easy task. This lens it totally manual. There is no autofocus. The only way to change the aperture is to put a little disc in the lens. If I want to go from f2.8 to, say f8, I have to get the handy magnet tool, pull out the f2.8 and replace it -- using the handy magnet tool -- with the f8 disc.

Aiming and focusing is an entirely different matter altogether. It takes practice. I still don't feel confident in my skills to use this lens on an actual session. I'll need to practice a lot more on Summerlove, my children, the can of coke on the table, and, perhaps, my big toe to get near competent enough to use this out in the real world.

But for now, here's my kitty again. Twelve days down 353 to go.

Lisa On Location Photography

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