Thursday, February 20, 2020

With Pinup, You Can Be Whatever or Whomever You Want: Even Barbie {New Braunfels Pinup Photography}

I've been shooting an awful lot of pinup in the studio lately and one of those ladies is actually a popular Barbie cosplayer online.

Keela does an amazing Annalise from Princess and the Pauper. But I had in mind something different for her. Something more vintage and classic and, well, pinup.

I called on Adriana Espinoza Artistry to help me pull off this look for her. Adriana did an amazing job of helping me create our own life size Barbie. The very first Barbie doll that's so hard to find.

First we found the bathing suit for a pretty penny available online. Then we found a black dress that was close, but not quite and me made the necessary alterations to get it Barbie ready. Then Adriana came in and viola, Barbie Magic!

Keela was also a good sport about letting me play with another costume I recently acquired and played the role of a genie in a bottle for me. She looks amazing!

Lisa On Location Photography

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Don Strange Hosts Perfect Barn Wedding {Hill Country Wedding Photographer}

Hannah and Phillip tied the knot at Don Strange Ranch and had the most perfect party in their barn.

It was a chilly night and I was worried at first about the airy barn, but it was warmed up nicely and the fireplace was the perfect spot.

This couple was so in love and they were so much fun. Congratulations you two!

Lisa On Location Photography

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

An Elegant Holiday Wedding at the St. Anthony Hotel {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

Stacy and Jeff were such a wonderful couple. Their wedding was a glorious post Christmas, elegant affair at the St. Anthony Hotel.

The hotel was decorated beautifully for the holidays and all the guests wore their finest elegant wardrobe.

Congratulations you two!

Lisa On Location Photography