Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby's First Shiner

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My baby boy got his first shiner on Thanksgiving Day. It was a freak accident. A cousin was picking up a tennis racket from the ground and my boy happened to be in the spot the racket swung up. He got a nasty gash that I'm afraid may leave a scar and of course the black and blue shiner. At first I freaked a little and took him to the emergency room. But after waiting a while in a crowded, gross, emergency room in a town far from home -- witnessing some nastiness and exposing ourselves to every airborne virus in existence -- we decided it probably wasn't bad enough to require the care of a doctor. We cleaned it out ourselves and applied liquid bandaid to seal it and close up the gash. Once he had a Tootsie Pop in his sticky little hand the boy was fine and enjoyed eating up all the attention.

I thought he looked like a little gangster in his hoodie and got the brainstorm to do a photo session with baby's first shiner. You know I always say that I can see the beauty in everything and that includes a nasty black eye, which most moms would try to cover with make-up and immediately postpone any picture taking because of. Not I. These are the moments we need to photograph the most. It's a little piece of his childhood.

So I drove around the back alleys of New Braunfels looking for a spot that looks rough enough for my photo session, but not so rough that I wouldn't want to get out of my car with my precious boy. I made the mistake of turning down a wrong alley and splashed through a puddle of rotted milk and sour cheese slime. The smell was putrid and it followed us all over town -- even after the photo shoot and a trip to the grocery store. We finally had to retreat to a car wash to rid our car of the stink before making our way home. My life is in adventure, what can I say.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy busy holidays

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So I was checking out my calendar the other day and I realized Thanksgiving is upon us. How did that happen?! I still have a Halloween pumpkin in my front yard (see blog below). I've barely had a moment to come up for air! My schedule for the next few weeks is full --but I may have a Saturday slot open in 3 weeks so e-mail or call me sooner rather than later!

My photography class is on hiatus until the spring semester. It was a busy 10 weeks but I think the students learned a lot and I hope I've released 40 or so competent photography hobbyists out on the world.

On another note, Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter today. She's 11 going on 16 -- in attitude and personality. I can't believe I've been a mom for this long.

The photo I've decided to share today is my favorite of the week from a session I did last weekend. Isn't she beautiful!

Oh and one last news item. That issue of New Beginnings that my little business is featured in is out today. The article is about my Beauty of Motherhood series and my passion for breastfeeding photography. Check out the series under Galleries on my page and check out the magazine here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First Dance

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Sometimes everything just falls into place. It wasn't hard finding some good photos from this wedding. It's hard to go wrong with such a handsome couple and when they don't have to be told "pretend like you like each other " (because that never gets old, Jayme) you end up with shots like this one. I think I may use this one at bridal shows because it just speaks to me.
Take a look at John and Tami's wedding album if you haven't already. It's been so much fun processing these images.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Congratulations John and Tami

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As I sit to write this blog my wrists are aching with the numbness I get from working too hard on the computer. But I can't stop! I'm just loving the photos I'm getting from this weekend's wedding. This particular wedding was a challenge for me because the groom is my brother in law. As a result I had my husband serving as a groomsman, my two daughters as a flower girl and a cross-bearer, my son as a ring bearer and I, of course, would be shooting the wedding. Most people thought I was crazy to attempt to shoot this but the thought of someone else shooting it made me nervous. I know these people very well, I know what they're like and what they want and I think we work really well together. Not to mention I'm giving them the best wedding gift I could possibly give them.
The weekend went off without a glitch. The drama of the week before that usually happens before any wedding was finally ironed out and everyone came together to get these two hitched in style.
It was so much fun John and Tami. Thanks for letting me do this for you. I can't wait for you to see what I got!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkin circle of life

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So remember the pumpkin patch we went to a few weeks ago. We all selected a pumpkin and I even got to pick one out for the purpose of carving. The problem was that it started wilting almost immediately. By the time Halloween rolled around it was a sloppy mess and there would be no carving into a Jack-o-Lantern for this thing. I set it out in the front lawn to scare away Hooligans and low and behold what do I find -- the wilty mess of a pumpkin gave birth to little baby pumpkin plants. The moral of this story is that even ugly old pumpkins serve a purpose -- even if's not to be cut open and carved.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep is highly overrated

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This past weekend I did what I do best. Jammed packed every hour with activity leaving little time for sleep. The weekend started with a Girl Scout sleepover, where I attempted to teach a room full of giggling 10-year-olds a little about the night sky to earn a badge. Needless to say, they managed to giggle at almost everything I said. Jayme was able to entertain them with a peak in his telescope and the badge was earned after all! I would like to be able to say we spent a restful night of slumber, but then it wouldn't be a sleepover if the girls actually slept. No sleep for me either.
The next day we headed out to Columbus for a photo session -- a sample of which I have displayed here. These clients had a beautiful piece of property and no shortage of appealing backdrops. The next morning I managed to fit in another bridal session before heading off to the Renaissance Festival with the family.
I'd like to say we rode all the rides and played all the games, but, seriously, who can afford to do that? Is it my imagination or have the prices on all the rides and games increased drastically over the past few years? At $3 a ride, times 3 kids, I'd need to take out a second mortgage to get my kids on all the rides and games at that place. I believe the goal of that festival is no longer to entertain and educate the masses but rather to separate each individual from their money as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each child did manage to leave with a souvenir and ride a few of the shorter-than-one-would-believe, yet-massively-expensive rides.
Now preparation is under way for this weekend when my brother-in-law will finally marry my new friend, Tami and I can't wait to celebrate with them. I'll be their photographer of course and I'll be only too happy to post some pictures here for everyone to see next week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Halloween wrap-up

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Halloween was 5 days ago and I'm just now starting to recover from the sugar rush. We had hundreds of trick-or-treaters converge on our home and this year we finally worked out the kinks in our candy distribution method so we were not left with pounds of candy and we didn't run out too early. The trick is to just buy enough candy to get you through the first hour. Then you can simply snag the undesirable candy from the trick-or-treat bags of your own children who returned by then and put them in the pot to give out. This leaves you with just the good stuff at the end of the night. I was left with a bag full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix bars, and Snickers -- no Almond Joys or Mounds -ugh- and no sticky suckers that have a way of ending up entwined in my carpet.

I thought I had it all under control until the next day when my children kept magically appearing with random pieces of candy that seemed to materialize out of thin air. Then I found the culprit. A hidden candy stash between the couch cushions. Those sneaky darlings!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yoga anyone?

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My assignment this past weekend was to shoot the grand opening of Two Rivers Yoga in Gruene. They have a beautiful new studio and boutique with large windows and beautiful light. The earthy colors they chose for the decor made for some beautifully colored photographs. I can't wait to take my first yoga class in this place. Take a look at the photos if you get a chance!