Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Attack of the 50-foot scary santa {New Braunfels Photography} {Project 365}

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Today's Project 365 photo is actually 4 separate photos taken over several weeks. But I'm counting it as today's photo because 1) the last photo was taken today, 2) it was finished today and 3) I didn't get paid for it, it was just for fun.

My friend asked me to help her come up with something fun and different for her Christmas card. This is the vision I had.

It was inspired by this family's love of superheroes. I wanted to show them as a family unit ready to take on the bad guy. But what could the bad guy be? Then it hit me while driving down 306 and passing that hideous billboard for the Schlitterbahn Christmas store. You people in New Braunfels know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the billboard with the face of the scariest Santa I've ever seen in my life. My poor boy has to turn the other way when we pass because "that Santa gives me nightmares," he says.

That's it! That's the evil monster that my super family is fighting!

So I photographed the evil Santa today, and seriously, they had plenty of evil Santa's to choose from. I don't know what the trend is in Christmas decor, but I'm seeing a lot of bad dreams for little kids all over the world if this line of Santas takes off.

So let me kick off the season with the first family Christmas card of the year for Lisa on Location (well, second if you count my own, which I'll share shortly).

Sweet dreams everyone! Ten down, 355 to go.

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