Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Morning Wasn't Spooky at All {Port Aransas Wedding Photography}

Friday (the day before Halloween) was a little scary for me. The rains hit hard and flooded my yard and garage. The studio was spared thanks to some renovations we made after the last big flood to caused some nasty puddling in there.

But the rain cleared at least a little by mid afternoon so I could make the drive to Port Aransas. I would be staying there overnight to get ready for a sunrise wedding on the beach.

Just before sunrise on Halloween day we woke to find that there was no electricity in the condo. No electricity before sunrise means no makeup and who knows what my hair is doing. It's a good thing it was Halloween so I could get away with it.

The weather wasn't cooperating either. It was misty, overcast and drizzly.

But once we reached Mile Marker 41 (the exact spot where this couple met), all the dreariness disappeared. Deb and Chris looked wonderful and they were so happy. The weather made no difference to them.

Their ceremony was short and sweet and so emotional for them both. When the vows were said, we did a little photo session around the surf and the dunes.

The weather began to clear up near the end of their session so we were able to include the sun in some of the photos.

There was nothing scary at all about this gorgeous sunrise wedding on the beach.

Lisa On Location Photography