Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Chandelier of Gruene made a sparkling debut this month {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

There's a new venue in town and it jumped straight near the top of my list of favorite venues in the New Braunfels area.

The Chandelier of Gruene is the dream child of Myra, the owner, and she did a beautiful job with it. Quiet little tree-lined roads curve through this hill country property leading you up to this gorgeous building with its chapel and guest house, complete with swimming pool and treehouse.

It was a blistering 97 degrees yesterday but the climate inside was cool and inviting.

Erin and Cole were friendly and relaxed when they tied the knot. The ceremony was at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, but the formal photos and celebration were all the Chandelier.

And one of the best things about this venue was that it's just 10 minutes from my home and studio. So I was showering the sweat from myself (and there was plenty) just a few minutes after leaving. That's the best way to finish a wedding on a hot day!

Take a look at a few of the images I captures from this beautiful day. And give Myra a call to take a tour of this new shining star of New Braunfels. Then call me to shoot it.

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