Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beautiful Sound of a Shared Flute {Project 365}

When I was in middle school I played the flute. Second chair. My sole reason for selecting the flute was that it was small and easy to carry home with me on the bus. All the cool kids at that time played the saxophone. They wore their neck straps to class all day with them as they walked the halls with a strut. They were badasses. But the flutes -- we were the cuties.

So it was no surprise when my daughter entered the 6th grade this fall and joined the band that she wanted to play the flute as well. Because, well, she's quite the cutie!

I was thrilled to pass my old flute on to her and she was thrilled to have it.

Today's photo is a macro of my old flute in my hands. It's a sight I saw many times as I looked down at my fingers and how they lay on the keys, a sight that my sweet girl is now getting accustomed to as well.

Thirteen days down, 352 to go.

Lisa On Location Photography

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