Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten Bucks Well Spent { New Braunfels Pin-up Photography}

Most of my regular readers know that I love a good estate sale, or antique store find. So you know the giddy joy with which I write today's blog.

So it's Friday morning and I'm taking my kids to school bright and early when I pass a traffic jam outside a house down the road a couple of miles. My first thought was, "something's occurred." But soon I realized that there was in fact an estate sale of epic proportions going on. I finished dropping the kids at school and returned to the chaos of bargain hunters.

The scene was a tiny little wood frame home, smell of sweet little old lady (peppermint and roses) hung in the air. I perused the crowded house and found a killer Remington Rand typewriter circa 1930s, score. I then found a Kodak Instamatic camera circa 1960s with an undeveloped roll of film inside, double score.

By now I'm picturing all the super hot pin-ups I can make using this typewriter and this camera and I have my arms full as I head out to the shed outside when bam, there it is. A Super RCA Victor television circa approximately 1952ish with a $10 price tag. Could this be right? I'm thinking. They just want $10 for this. I first debate whether I want to mess with it. It's really heavy. I have to get it to my van and then into my garage until my studio opens. I'm kind of puny when it comes to muscles.

But my decision was made when I saw a man eyeballing it and trying to see the back. "That's already sold," I told him. He looked at me skeptically with my arms full of typewriter and camera. "I told the lady already, and she said she'd be here shortly with the sold sign," I said.

He asked me what I'd want with an old piece of junk like this, obviously trying to dissuade my purchase. "It's for pin-up," I said. "I'll sit a scantily clad woman on top of it and she'll look so cute and cheesy that she'll want to pay me a lot of money and tell all her friends about it." Okay, maybe not in those words, but it was enough to make him shrug his shoulders and walk away.

So with much huffing and puffing (on the part of the hefty men who helped me load it that is) I finally got it into my van -- where it still sits awaiting my big strong husband to find it in his heart to put it in the garage.

But that's not where this story gets good. The part of this story that makes it so cool and so worthy of a blog post is this. Every now and then I like to pull out an old photo album and flip through it to remind myself how cute my children were when they were younger and to give myself a reason to not strangle them. So Saturday night I happened to grab the summer 2007 album, which is when we made a stop in Graceland on our family vacation. That's when I saw this photo. Do you see what I see against that far wall in Elvis' living room? That's right, it's a Super RCA Victor television circa 1952ish extremely similar to the one in the back of my van at this very moment.

I think this part calls for a few exclamation points.


So is it Elvis's television that sits in the back of my van? Probably not. I doubt this particular set ever left Morningside Drive. But it could have been. And that's what matters. I have no doubt this set saw Elvis swinging his hips in all his black and white controversial glory. I have no doubt it saw some pretty significant historical events play out on its screen. And now I intend to make it's second life pretty amazing as well. But first, it needs to come out of the van.

Lisa On Location Photography

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Glorious Wedding that was 20-years in the making {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

Right about now my friend and second shooter Laura is walking down the aisle at Castle Avalon to join her husband in front of dozens of their friends and family to share a moment that was 20 years in the making.

Laura and Kurt were married in a small private ceremony with a Justice of the Peace exactly 20 years ago today. She giggled the whole time, she tells me. Just a young lady barely out of high school.

Laura and Kurt were happy then despite not having a ceremony and having only a handful of photos on their wedding day. But they knew they wanted to celebrate their love with the ones they love and have a big celebration. So they planned this vow renewal 20 years to the day of their first wedding.

I was honored to help Laura capture some images of her in her new wedding gown a few weeks ago. They decided to do a first look at that time as well so they'd have some nice photos without the rush of the wedding day.

I couldn't wait to share those so I programed this blog to run at exactly the moment she walks down the aisle. Congratulations Laura and Kurt. Here's to 20 more!

Lisa On Location Photography