Thursday, July 1, 2021

Ocean Month Inspired my Latest Personal Project {New Braunfels Underwater Photography}

June was National Ocean Month and I wanted to do something that was eye-catching to illustrate the pollution of our oceans. If you follow my work you know I love memraids. And most of my images are of beautiful, colorful, happy mermaids. I thought this time I'd switch it up and illustrate mermaids who were not happy. Why would they be happy about the destruction of their world?

It was heartbreaking to create these images, especially the first two because they use my favorite mermaid model, my own little girl. She has actually gotten tired of modeling for me lately so it took some convincing. I told her the concept and she only agreed because she supports my purpose -- to draw attention to the pollution of the seas. But it was difficult for me to tell my daughter to act dead. To put that blank look on her face and pretend she was killed by the pollution around her. She performed well, although I had to remind her several times to stop giggling "dead mermaids don't giggle," I'd say.

The rest of the images were willing underwater clients who supported my message as well. I'm going to continue working on this project in the future so, hopefully, next June I'll be able to put some more out there. The more people see it, the more they'll hopefully be inspired.

Lisa On Location Photography