Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for a Day Off {Project 365}

Today I thought I'd share a peek at my calendar. It's a mess, I know. This is the first thing I grab when I get a call from a potential client. It's my work in progress hand written, chicken scratching, coffee spilled on it piece of work.

I usually scribble my appointments and potential appointments onto this thing and then transfer them neatly onto my online calendar that I can call up on my computer and iphone in a snap. But this is the master calendar.

It dictates my life.

Do you know what my favorite thing about this calendar is -- aside from the fact that it has a lot of appointments on it and there's no way I could stay in business without those. My other favorite part is that empty space on the 22nd. That empty space means Lisa has the day off.

Yep, I've kept that one clean.

That empty space represents me sitting on my rear, stuffing my face with the yummiest food from my mommy's kitchen. Then falling asleep on the couch while the kids torment their cousins and Jayme clears the table. Hint hint, Jayme.

Yes, that empty space is a thing of beauty.

Enjoy your empty space!

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