Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Off With That Light (off the camera, that is) {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

My clients sometimes ask me why I do what I do. For example, "Why do you run around like a crazy person putting that thing all over the place?" as I move my light from one corner to the next often tripping over my own feet in the process.

"I'm making magic," I tell them. "I got mad ninja lighting skills." I typically get blank stares and rolled eyes. They aren't convinced but at least they stay out of the way and they do eventually get used to various strobes firing in various locations. Sometimes startling people and making babies cry (sorry about that little one). But there is a method to my madness.

You see photography is literally the "study of light". And most people are just comfortable using the light on their camera. That's fine and dandy. It's a good way to light a scene and show you what's going on and I often use that method to document a scene. It's safe. But most people leave the light on their camera all the time and get by. I'm not most people. To me photography is a delicate balance of light and shadow. It's brightness meeting darkness and combining in a magical dance of poetry. So I'll often taken the light off the camera and put it somewhere else. Sometimes it's a miserable failure of nightmarish shadows and blown out faces. Good thing there's a delete button. But when I succeed, my lovely clients oohh and aahh and say "how did you do that?"

So today I'm going to share a few images of off camera magic. It's often a simple technique of trial and error. Take a look below.

In the below image, the strobe is off camera and to the rear of model on my right.

The one below was actually shot with two lights, neither of them on the camera. Each was about 45 degrees to either side of me in between me and this lovely couple.

Shooting with multiple light sources give dimension to a scene. Notice in the comparison below how the scene shot with one light on the camera appears more flat while the image shot with one light behind the couple and one light on the camera has more depth and appears more 3-dimensional so to speak.

It's fun to play with lighting and I'm always eager to try new set-ups and new techniques. Like I said, there's always that delete button.

Lisa On Location Photography

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Latest Trend in Wedding Photography -- Bring Rover {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

When I got married many years ago my family and friends laughed at me when I suggested I include my sweet kitty in my bridal or wedding photos. "Absolutely not," said my parents. It was just the latest in a long list of silly things that I wanted that society frowned up and I was told no. Don't get me started!

But today's brides have decided that anything goes. It's their big day, it's their bridal photo session. Why can't they bring their best friend and include him or her in their wedding or bridal photos. And they're right! I admit that I see dogs and horses brought along on more engagement sessions than bridals, but I have to say I really love them in bridals. Beautiful girl in long white dress with a slobbery animal. They won't let dirt or mud near them in that dress, but hand them slobbery puppy mess and all is right with the world.

I've gotten quite experienced with photographing animals the past few months while working with the Humane Society for their 2014 Pin-ups for Paws calendar, I'll blog about that later! So I don't blink an eye when a pristine bride in white pulls out a doggie treat and says "mind of I call over Spot for a few shots?"

The happy couple often jointly adopt some of these animals. They're becoming a family and that family includes their animals so why not include them in their photos.

Lisa On Location Photography

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to my 15 minutes {New Braunfels Pin-up Photography}

What's that old expression? "Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame." I think Andy Warhol first said it, or something like it. But nevertheless, I got my 15 minutes on Saturday and it lasted a whole day. That's the day I was featured above the fold on the front page of the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung.

So it's not People magazine, but that's okay. Everything in good time.

It's a step up from my old column in the Brenham Banner Press where I wrote ad nauseam about things that aren't really all that important. And it's certainly better than the old days of patrolling the police beat for the Temple Daily Telegram, where I might get a byline for writing a story about a purse snatching. No, it's better than that! This time I got my face plastered on news stands all over town, with my hair and make-up rocking in vintage style thanks to my friend Laura Myers. And I got the photo credit as well. And that's not all, oh no that's not all. They printed my press release practically word for word. How's that for a triple threat!?

The story is all about the calendar I've been working on to raise funds for the New Braunfels Humane Society. I'll blog more about that later. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to share more of the pin-up images I made for it. But all in good time.

So halfway through the morning, after enjoying a cappuccino at the breakfast table and perusing my story, I meandered out to my local Pilot gas station to pick up more copies of it. While checking out my two additional copies of the newspaper I noticed the lady rang me up for just one. "Excuse me, I'm getting two issues of this paper, not one." I said as I pointed to my face on the front page. "You may wonder why I'm getting two instead of one and it's because that's me, right there on the front page above the fold." The lady looked at the paper and she looked back up at me.

"Were you Alice?" she said.

"Excuse me," I said. "No I'm Lisa."

"I mean are you Alice in that play, Alice in Wonderland?" she said. "And that's why you're on the cover."

"Well no, I'm not in a play. I'm a cover girl like the headline says. I'm a model. And a writer. And a photographer too." I said. "It's sort of a big deal."

She shrugged her shoulders and told me to have a nice day. She didn't ask for my autograph, but that's okay. As I said, all in good time.

Today's paper has something boring above the fold about the city council raising taxes or something like that. My issue was so much nicer. And because I'm feeling generous and don't think I should make you go all the way to the newspaper office to pick up a back issue, I shall print the original press release right here.

Pin-ups for Paws Calendar Raises Funds for New Braunfels Humane Society

September 4, 2014

New Braunfels is already buzzing about the production of an unconventional pin-up calendar featuring models and pets to raise much needed funds for the New Braunfels Humane Society. The calendar has generated excitement along with a few disapproving comments on the Society's Facebook page in recent weeks. But most of the response has been overwhelmingly positive, says Amanda Craig, vice president for the board of directors of the society.

The full calendar will be unveiled at Billy's Ice House on October 5 at 6 pm. The models, photographer, and some of the pets featured will be on hand to sign autographs and meet and greet supporters of the calendar.

The society got 60 new likes on their page in one day when someone made negative comments about the calendar on a local New Braunfels e-mail list. And dozens of Facebook users jumped in line to purchase a calendar, Craig said.

The calendar will feature 12 local businesses, one for each month, and 15 models from New Braunfels and the surrounding areas.

“The calendar project is different from other fundraisers because not one dollar was taken from our funds to make it happen. Usually there are some upfront costs associated with this type of thing,” said Craig. “Twelve local business each purchased a calendar month which gave us the needed funds for production and printing.”

The pin-ups were photographed by Lisa Elliott Blaschke of Lisa on Location Photography, who donated all her time and talents to the project. Blaschke incorporated classic pin-up style by studying some of the master pin-up artists of the mid 20th century. She also worked with the sponsors to incorporate their ideas as well to create one-of-a-kind pin-up art representing each business, Blaschke said. The pin-up images are family friendly, she said.

All of the models are volunteers and the animals featured came from the shelter or were the pets of models, board members and sponsors.

“People came from all around to help us make this a reality and we are deeply grateful to each and every one,” Craig said.

The calendar has already pre-sold a large percentage of the 500-copy print run. Calendars can be ordered for $20 through the society's Facebook page www.facebook.com/hsnbainc

Brigete Bardot once said “I gave my beauty and youth to men. I am going to give my wisdom and experience to animals,” said Craig. “In our case we drew from the wisdom and experience of an amazing group of people. We combined that with the beauty of adorable animals and put it all in a 12X12 calendar that is sure to raise both funds and awareness for our shelter. I think Bardot would be proud.”

Lisa On Location Photography

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long Veils: Number 3 on my list of things that make me happy at a bridal session! {New Braunfels Wedding Photogrpahy}

That's just an estimate. It may be number 4 or 5ish, but it's definitely in the top 10 of things that make me giddy when I arrive at a bridal session. Number 1 is of course animals taking part in the session, but that's for another blog another day.

Most brides prefer the short veils, if they use a veil at all. And that's fine and dandy too. The shorter veils are easier to handle. They don't get in the way. They don't snag on the ground, but the also don't get caught in the wind or wrap around the dress, or flow and fly in a dramatic fashion with just the right light.

So yes, I love the long veils.

Lisa On Location Photography