Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to work

I have no photo to share today. I took plenty, but I'm a bit slow at getting started this morning. There's so much to do to play catch-up yet I'm a few pounds heavier and I'm moving a bit slower. Christmas was a lot of fun at our house. Santa was good to the kids and left some fun games. We've been rocking out with Rock Band and my daughters have been plugged into their new DSi and MP3 player. The boy has been having a ball with his many robot toys and I enjoyed moving into the High Definition age with my new flat screen. I'm excited to put some of my photos on DVD and really see how they pop on that screen. I also got some fun photo toys that I'm excited about trying out and I've had some inspiration for some more Beauty of Motherhood photos that I'm looking forward to setting up.

After the Christmas rush for family portraits, my calendar has finally got some breathing room in it. Give me a call if you're finally ready to show off that smile!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Missing: One butterfly

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Two weeks ago this lovely caterpillar stowed away on one of our potted plants that we pulled in when the weather was getting cold. It promptly spun into a cocoon on the wooden blinds in the office before we could find it and put it safely outside. Once they attach themselves to something to transform it's best to leave them alone. So we wait.
And wait.
And wait.
This afternoon we found the cocoon empty. No butterfly in sight. We looked and we looked. How far could the butterfly have gotten? Could a cat have found it before us? Still no sign of the butterfly in our home. I expect we'll come across him eventually. There aren't that many places for a butterfly to hide.

In the meantime, the kids are out of school for two weeks and I look forward to a short vacation next week. I'm done with all my holiday photo sessions and I have none on the schedule until after the new year. The next two weeks I suspect I'll be shooting plenty nonetheless.

If I don't get a chance to get back on here and blog some more next week then let me just say have a very Merry Christmas. I've been truly blessed this past year on a personal and a professional level and I'm thankful to all those who have made that possible.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

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Where did the time go. It seems I was just complaining last week that Thanksgiving was upon us and then I blink and find us halfway through December. These past few weeks have been a blur for us. With the loss of our dear kitty early in the month and the addition of a new trouble-maker, added to the already crazy busy season of photo sessions, shopping, school functions, and parties, it's amazing I've stayed sane.

In our little corner of the world we've had nasty drizzly and cold weather for many straight days. I was a little nervous about having to postpone my weekend sessions, but the sun broke through for a beautiful Sunday and I was able to shoot the family of one of my oldest friends from grade school. I'm sharing a photo of her daughter with you today. I love this one because it shows us not just how beautiful she is, but also how playful and active she is. She and her sister -- the future rodeo queen -- were perfect subjects and I was so honored to be a part of their day. The rest of the session involved horses and lots and lots of mud! I loved it!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Baby Girl is too Old for Santa's lap

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I had a volunteer job the other morning taking Santa Photos for an elementary school. It was a nice change because these children act so sweet and innocent around Santa. They're on their best behavior, most of them want their photo taken with him and I got to hear all the funny gift requests these kids came up with --except for the few who whispered into Santa's ear their secret wishes. My own child, however, refused to sit on Santa's lap. My baby is growing up. She also confided in me that she didn't think he was the REAL Santa because she saw his beard separate from his face for a moment. Also her friend told her that it was actually her sister's kindergarten teacher's husband. Okay, well he had me fooled. But it's harder to pull the wool -- or should I say the beard -- over her eyes.
This weekend is full once again. My mom's 70th birthday party is today and I have a fun session involving a family and their horses tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, Christmas is sneaking up on us fast and I still haven't finished my shopping. I better get on the stick!

Monday, December 7, 2009

And then came kitty

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The darkness that engulfed the house last week with the loss of our Holly was heavy. But the clouds are beginning to break and we have found distraction and comfort by welcoming a new little kitty into our home. The adoption process of this little gal was stressful and nauseating. You'd think we were adopting a human child with all the hoops we had to jump through. The screening process was very strict and the fees were very high. But after a long and grueling weekend, we have her!
I'm not really sure if her name is official yet. We have one child calling her Kody, one calling her Kitten, one calling her Frisky, I suggested Red Hot Kitty Pepper but usually slip up and call her Holly and Jayme calls her something that I won't repeat here. If she were to earn her name, she'd be called "Kitty get down from the Christmas Tree" or "No-no kitten, don't poop in Daddy's house plant." She has come in and made a mockery of every cat rule we have in the house. She's on the table, she's on the shelves with the fine knick knacks, she's at the top of the tree, she's plummeting from high places, bouncing off the sliding glass door and smacking at valuable china.
I suppose we'll get her trained soon enough -- or vice versa. The important thing is that she cuddles with the children and helps to ease their pain. Holly would have wanted that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rest in Peace Sweet Holly

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Today is a sad and traumatic day for me and my family. Holly -- our sweet Siamese was killed by the neighbor's dogs. We didn't even know she had slipped outside. She got into the yard next door and was attacked. I'm feeling horribly guilty. It was my job to protect her and I failed. She was a pleasant little surprise last Christmas -- the best Christmas gift my children ever got, or so they tell me. I can't believe she's gone. I hope the pain we're all in will pass soon and we can begin to appreciate the time we had with this little treasure.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Vampires of San Antonio

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Vampires roam the old cemeteries of San Antonio. It's true. I've seen them. And contrary to myth, they do show up quite nicely on film -- or in my case digital files. Take a look. We set up at sunset at the oldest part of the city cemetery to capture these creatures. They even brought a beautiful baby with them and her mommy the make-up artist.
Seriously this shoot was a blast. You may recognize this vampire vixen from some of my bridal galleries. Sara was my bride who was so willing to wear a wedding gown and dive into the Comal River with me last spring as well as my lovely fairy in my Fantasy gallery. She's a great sport and is always so willing to go along with crazy ideas I have about photo shoots "Hey Sara, want to be a *insert strange mythical creature here like vampires, fairies, etc*" She says yes and then we get together and have some fun. Shoots like this remind me why I got into this in the first place. Photography is fun. Photoshop is fun. And I'm blessed to be able to have a job that provides me with so much fun on a daily basis. To see my vampire gallery click here: