Sunday, November 30, 2014

Drumroll Please.... It's the 2014 Blaschke Family Christmas Card {New Braunfels Photography}

Every year I put a lot of thought into our Christmas card. It has to be unique. It has to be fresh. I've had this one in my mind for a while. But I lacked the underwater skills and the retouching skills to create it to it's fullest possibility. So I practiced and practiced for years and years and I finally think I reached a point in my life to pull it off.

Each element was photographed separately and put together. It took a while to collect all the props and costumes and then to shoot each one. I photographed myself in studio on a white screen with a remote trigger and I'm sure if there were a fly on the wall he got a funny show of a middle-aged women wearing a mermaid tail flopping around to get organized.

I was really impressed with my younger daughter's ability to smile under water so easily. I suspect she's part mermaid. And The Boy was a laugh a minute as usual. He was opposed to the theme of happy mermaids greeting a pirate with treasure. He wanted me to put a sword in his hand and make him fight them. We saved that one for the outtakes.

So without further delay, here it is -- the 2014 Blaschke Family Christmas Card.

Lisa On Location Photography