Friday, December 7, 2012

The Sunset that I Missed {Project 365}

I don't consider myself a speed demon. I tend to stick to the speed limits as much as possible but I frown upon people who drive in the fast lane at speeds slower than the speed limit. Normally it's just a slight nuisance. But today a slow poke driver cost me a sunset.

"How can a slow poke driver cost you a sunset?" you may ask. Well, I was turning onto the road that leads to my subdivision when, wow!, there's this gorgeous sunset right in front of me and just about a half a mile to get to my house, where my trusty 5D Mark iii was sitting on my desk awaiting my arrival.

So I step on the gas, still well under the speed limit, when I come upon a van puttering along at a snail's pace. Crap. There's the sun and it's slowly disappearing and looking so gorgeous. And there's the van, and "whoa, he's up to about 15 mph now." And the sun is dipping lower. And the van is still dragging. Can't pass it, there are cars coming. And then just when I think the view can't get any more gorgeous, the sun is gone, leaving in it's wake a slowly dissipating thread of pink, orange and red. Crap.

Then it's time to turn into my subdivision, but the van turns too. Another right turn, but it turns too. Crap crap! Alas, I arrive at my home and grab my camera just in time to catch the last whispers of color as they seep from the sky.

But it wasn't a total loss. On the way to the field next to my house a roving pug dog decided to follow me for company. When I realized I wouldn't get the shot I wanted of the sun I thought I'd turn my camera on the pug dog for my image of the day. His response to my attempts to take his photo were met with disapproval -- and the view you see here.

Thirty-six down, 329 to go.

Lisa On Location Photography

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