Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 33 Brings Bubbles {Project 365}

Today I wanted to photograph my boy in his busy little world of play. At first he had his soccer ball and I had a vision in my head of the shot I wanted to try with him and the soccer ball. But just as soon as I had it set up and ready to add him and his ball. He changed his mind and lost interest in the ball. "It's dirty and I really don't want to pick it up," he told me.

He did, however, pick up his brand new bubble blower that he got in his magic Christmas calendar this morning. -- And I'd like to make a special shout out to Na-ma who got him this magical little calendar a few years ago. It has a special power to make a new pocket-size toy magically appear in it every morning from Dec. 1 until the 24 in the pocket with the number of that date on it. Just so the boy has plenty of practice waking up every single God-forsaken morning and creeping down the stairs to see what goodies he can find (and God forbid the guilt and trauma that mom feels if there is not a toy magically in that stupid pocket every single freakin' morning.) Once again thank you so much Na-ma for the beautiful magic calendar. Really.

So he discarded the soccer ball and picked up the magic bubbles forcing me to rethink my image of the day. But I did. And here it is. Magic bubbles.

Thirty-three days down, 332 days to go.

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