Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Million Dollar Baby -- only without the tragic ending {Project 365}

Yesterday's photo tells a little story about the day we had. I tried to upload last night, but Blogger was down so I'm a little late sharing it with you.

My children are all pretty decent little people. The oldest of them, the 14-year-old, is passionate yet gentle. But she doesn't put up with injustice. She'll stand up to anyone who threatens her peaceful little world. But in a non-violent manner. With logical words and clear concise arguments.

So I was surprised to see her in tears when I picked her up from school yesterday. She was at first hesitant to tell me about it in front of her siblings because of the mature nature of her problem. But she couldn't hold for very long.

It seems there's an 8th grade boy at school who loves to humiliate girls by making obscene hip thrusts when they walk by, asking them inappropriate questions about various parts of their anatomy, and generally make sick jokes and comments of a sexual nature. On a daily basis. She has to walk past this jerk every day on the way to her final class of the day. Yesterday she was especially offended by his attempt at recreating a sexual act with a pole as she walked by and so she took that opportunity to show him her fist. His nose bled. A lot.

So pervert had to go to the nurse and sweet girl had to see the assistant principal. I'll be meeting with him later this morning.

But I wanted to illustrate the events of the day with a dramatic portrait of my girl. So I set up two lights pointing at each other on both sides of her to use dramatic shadowing on her face.

In her defense, she says, she didn't intend to make him bleed. And, she adds, if she really wanted to hurt him, he'd have had a lot more than a nose bleed to worry about.

Wish me luck.

Thirty-nine days down, 326 to go.

Lisa On Location Photography

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