Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Week in the Life {Project 365}

I hope you don't think I skipped out on my project. No such luck. Tis the season to be really swamped. But with the kids finally settling down with their after the sugar rush laziness, I managed to sit down to finally download and process my images from the past week.

Day 48 brought me to my child's school to snap a few photos. I'm sharing an image of some cute packages in the kindergarten hallway.

Day 49 brought me back to the school, but this time for some party fun. I passed out some sweet little plastic cameras to all of my Boy's classmates and they decided to go all papparazzi on one of the volunteer mommies. She was a good sport and played along with their game.

I decided to not post the image of my boy trying to be a clown by dropping his pants and mooning the camera. Some things are best forgotten.

On day 50 I shot a wedding at the Faust. It was lovely and sweet. But I forgot all about my daily image and was really tired by the time I was leaving so I snapped an image of the tree in the lobby of the Faust. I know I know, I could have done better, but it was late, I was tired and I needed a bath.

On day 51 I photographed another wedding this time in San Antonio. The bride got ready at a house in Converse where a sweet little black kitty was quite interested in me the whole time I was there. She'd touch my ankles as I walked near the bed, but when I'd try to pet her head she'd duck further under the bed and hide from me. We played this little game over and over and I did manage to snap a few photos of the sweet little one. Such gorgeous eyes! And I also managed to scratch her little head a few times before I left.

Day 52 took me to the in-laws for Christmas dinner (after a stop a my mom's house for Christmas Eve Eve lunch -- did I mention I was ready to pop at the end of this day).

Of course Uncle John always has cool toys for The Boy. This time it was some kind of a remote control helicopter car. I was impressed that I managed to keep the thing in focus as he lifted it from the floor and drove it into my face.

Day 53 was Christmas Eve. We open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Usually that consists of socks, underwear, jammies, etc. Santa always leaves the really cool gifts while mom likes to give boring stuff. But, really, there's nothing boring about Perry the Platypus slippers and Sock Monkey underwear. The Boy insisted I take a photo of his cool new threads.

Day 54, today, is Christmas Day. Really, there are so many images from which to choose that it's not even fair to be this easy. I did settle on a slightly different angle. This was taken in the wee hours of the morning before the sun was really even up. The kids are supposed to wait until 8 to wake us up and they aren't allowed to open any presents until I'm up.

The Boy tried to get me up at 4, at 5:30, at 6:15, at 6:50, and eventually succeeded in getting me up at around 7ish. So here is my view of the chaos of my living room taken from the sofa, where I planted my sleepy bottom and stayed there for much of the morning.

Now it's a sleepy 6:30 pm on Christmas Day and I think I hear a bubble bath and a glass of wine calling my name.

Merry Christmas everyone. And thanks for such a beautiful, successful holiday season for us.

Lisa On Location Photography

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