Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must be Willing to Get Dirty {New Braunfels Photography}

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Today I thought I'd share a photo of a couple of my favorite kiddos. This was one of my Christmas card sessions. By now my clients are starting to figure a few things out about me. One of those little things is that I don't tend to stay on the pavement. Present me with a manicured lawn or park and I usually tend to go out into the edges, where the grass is not mowed and the flower beds are not maintained. Meet me at a lovely little quaint setting and I'll probably drag you out and down the hill where the wild things are. I've started wearing boots to my sessions whereas I used to wear sandals. Getting my toes bit by fire ants and poked by sticks has taught me to expect the rough and tumble. The rough and tumble, as it turns out, is where all the best shots are.

I've started beginning many of my sessions with the phrase "is it okay to sit on the ground in that outfit." In family sessions I make a mental note of which people are ground people, which are knee people, and which are standers. I take note of who's wearing sandals, who's wearing white slacks and who's afraid of snakes. All these things play a part in deciding how to proceed with the session.

Brides are always the most particular about cleanliness. At least before the wedding. Once those vows are exchanged there's an immediate change in the stress level of keeping that dress clean. That's when the best images are captured.

The children of my sessions love my untamed set-ups. I tell them we're going exploring and that they are adventurers. They giggle with excitement as they traipse into the long grass with their Sunday best on.

Life is not clean and neat and tidy. Portraits about life are not either. But if they must be, Photoshop is excellent at removing stains. Now, who wants to take a walk in the woods?

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