Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beagle Has Landed

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Santa came a little early this year in our home. Actually, I should say he sent his most trusted elf. At least that's what the note said that was attached to the box with a big bow on it that was left on our front porch the other night.

The doorbell rang three times. My oldest daughter checked the door and found a quivering, whimpering box with a big red bow.

We have a history with boxes on our front step. Some of you may recall the box that was left two years ago. Out of it popped our darling Siamese, Holly. It was only fitting that our newest baby made an entrance in this grand fashion as well. We still miss our Precious. She disappeared the Fourth of July and, after papering the neighborhood with fliers and knocking on doors, we came to the conclusion that she was stolen from us. Santa decided it was time to move on.

Enter Polkadots -- at least that's what the boy is calling him. He's a chewing, peeing, yapping machine. But the kids love him so I guess we'll keep him. It's nice having an instant floor cleaner in the house. I spilled some corn flakes, in comes, Polkadots, mess is gone. I dropped a chicken nugget, enter Polkadots, mess is gone. Cat threw up under the table -- enter Polkadots -- okay now that's just gross.

It looks like he's here to stay, barking and chewing, and all. Welcome to the family Polkadots.

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