Monday, November 15, 2010

What exactly is Huzzah anyway? A weekend at the Renaissance Festival.

Renaissance Festival
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Almost 16 years ago I had my last first date ever. I went with the man that would later be my husband to Scarburough Fair in Waxahachie. It's a smaller version of a Renaissance Festival -- but similar to the one near Plantersville that runs every fall. Since Scarburough takes place in the blistering heat of May, we often prefer the mild temperatures at the Renaissance Festival. And because our relationship started at one of these silly festivals, we feel the need to return every year and traipse through the pine trees speaking with bad English accents and sampling the tastes of the Renaissance including the Ye Olde' Bloomin' Onion and my personal favorite Ye Olde Funnel Cake. Where the mead of the period is served in plastic Dixie cups and if we pay through the nose we can even wear a ring of plastic flowers around our head.

I don't mock it lightly. I enjoy it. Where else can you dine with Kings of olden days and still take a call on your cell phone from your mother in law.

I gave each of my kids a set amount of money to spend, which I find quite generous yet they still snicker at. It doesn't go as far as I'd like at 3 dollars -- excuse me 3 pounds -- per ride. They boy (pictured above) opted to spend half of his cash having a dagger painted on his cheek. It lasted as long as bath time last night. The rest he blew on a tambourine -- which sounded lovely all the way home -- and a trip through the king's confusion -- a maze of purple fabric. He also got to whack his daddy mercilessly with a pillow and push him into a pile of hay to declare himself king of the log. But I paid for that little thrill.

Another of the other thrills I get to have is to check out the camera equipment of the people around me. I can't help it! I see a DSLR, I gotta get a closer look. Rebels rule the show I have to say, they're everywhere. My husband and I enjoyed wowing at some of the professional equipment with the guy running around with 1D and snicker at the people using the Olympus to take the Ye Olde Time Photos. Camera nerds need their fun too. And it's cheaper than the big pirate ship ride.

If only someone would hire me to shoot a wedding at the Renaissance Festival. I can hope for next year! Huzzah y'all!

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