Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog: (New Braunfels Photography)

John and Sarah
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"You need to blog." This is the only sentence in the e-mail I get from my darling husband every few days. He nags me to blog. I like to blog. I really do. But some days there's simply nothing to blog about. And other days there's so much to blog about that I can't decide which to do and I end up doing nothing.

Today is one of those latter days. I went to a wedding on Saturday at the lovely McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. It's a popular spot for portraits as the dozens of people wandering the grounds with cameras, tripods and reflectors would attest to. It's also a lovely spot to get hitched. John and Sarah exchanged vows in the gazebo and posed for a few portraits before heading off into the sunset to celebrate. I was honored to play a role in their special day. They were married the day before Halloween, but there was nothing scary about this beautiful couple.

Halloween evening was another story altogether. It's the one day a year I let my children gorge on candy. I tell them enjoy it while it lasts, because come tomorrow, your bucket of candy will be gone. My middle daughter ends up finding out the hard way how little her tummy can handle and throws up before the day is up, my oldest daughter proves how sneaky she can be by hiding it throughout her room to pull out in secret later in the week, and my boy tries to test how many chocolate covered eyeballs he can fit into his mouth at one time. The answer is seven. In the end, I usually toss the kids trick or treats into the stash by the door and give them out to the late night trick or treaters who seem to come until much later on a school night than I find appropriate.

I did manage to save far too many peanut butter cups for myself and intend to send the rest of the candy to the food bank. They actually like to hand out little sweets to some of the kids at Christmas.

Now I set my sites on a busy month of senior portrait sessions and family Christmas sessions. I still have a few slots open for the month, but they are filling fast. Let me know when you're ready for yours!

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