Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A word or two (or 200) about family: {New Braunfels Photographer}

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I had a rare honor on Saturday. I was able to photograph two different families in two very different stages of their lives. The similarities between these two families was amazing -- love, happiness, togetherness, a little sibling rivalry and horsing around. And the differences were vast as well -- like say a few decades vast.

The first family was this young family in the image I'm sharing. They are so excited about adding a son to the family that already includes them and their darling little girl. Mom is due in just a few weeks and they can't wait to meet him. The other family I photographed included mom and dad celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and their three grown children -- all in their 50s.

Like I said, these families had so much in common, mainly love. It was easy for me to picture the mature family 50 years ago. Mom and dad probably had their hands full with three children. The world was a different place back then. But the family unit was the same. A group of people tied together by relation, a blood bond or an adoption and love. It was also easy for me to imagine the young family in 50 years. The memories of this photo session preserved forever in prints. What kind of adults will these babies be in 50 years. What will they do with their lives, laid out before them.

As I write this I stare at a photo of my own family. Three beautiful children and their parents -- that would be me and Jayme. We aren't the young family I photographed Saturday morning, and we aren't the older family I photographed Saturday afternoon. We fall somewhere in the middle. My children are no longer tiny babies, but I still have my hands full. We squabble and fight but we love each and take care of one another.

I am thankful for family. Not just my own, but yours as well. Families are what keep us human. They drive us crazy, they annoy us, but they also hold us together and support us. Happy Thanksgiving to all my families and yours!

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