Friday, November 12, 2010

Road Tripping on a School Night -- Yeah I Roll That Way

Lost Maples
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I hit the road yesterday with my man and my boy for a little sightseeing. We've been talking about hitting Lost Maples this time of year but weekends are just out of the question with the crowds they see. So we both took a day off and hit the road while the girls were in school. We took our time and stopped along the way to shoot whatever caught our attention. The Medina River is absolutely gorgeous any time of year with miles and miles of Cypress Trees lining the banks.

The drive along FM 337 from Medina to Vanderpool is absolutely breathtaking. And the apple pie and ice cream at the Apple Store in Medina made the perfect mid afternoon stop for a snack. The whole day felt lazy and care-free. We haven't enjoyed that feeling for quite some time. It's like therapy for your soul.

I've just started taking a look at what I shot but I thought I'd share one that jumped out at me first of all. I think I'll add a few to my little art gallery. I'll post a link later!

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