Sunday, November 28, 2010

And so the season begins {New Braunfels Photographer}

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I'm taking a deep cleansing breath now. It seems the big Christmas card rush is subsiding. Most families have had their session, ordered their cards and prints and are now working on getting those cards out before the end of the year. I can take a bit of a breather.

The photo I'm sharing today was taken on Thanksgiving morning. It's one of the few times this family could get everyone together so I didn't mind shooting it on a holiday. Plus I really like this family! They're a lot of fun so it's not like it really feels like working.

I also had a chance this Thanksgiving weekend to chill out and catch up on quality time with my own family. I ate until my pants got tight and didn't feel guilty. I love this time of year. I love shopping for my loved ones. I love getting presents. I love eating. Notice how I didn't say cooking or baking, but eating. I'm an expert cookie taster. When my mom used to bake Christmas cookies for all the parties we went to growing up she would let me eat the ones that broke while I scraped them off the cookie sheet. I managed to break a lot of cookies back then.

We managed to get the tree up this weekend as well. I moved the pumpkins off the front porch where they'd attached themselves to the pavement in a moldy, sticky way and scraped the remains of the jack-o-lantern from the sidewalk. The Christmas lights are going up on the eaves -- the ones that were actually taken down from last year that is. It's always a nice surprise to find that some areas still have their 2009 decorations up.

Now I'm enjoying a nice cappuccino while I listen to the sounds of children squabbling over toys in the living room. Not to worry. I have Santa on speed dial and I'm not afraid to text him any time of day or night. It's the trump card when it comes to empty mommy threats. I love this time of year.

Here's to a pleasant holiday season.

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