Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You can't go wrong with newborns

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Remember that beautiful pregnant belly I shot last month -- scroll down on my blog and you'll see her. Well I got to meet the little baby within the belly the other day and she was a sweetie! I had the honor of shooting the little princess when she was 6 days old. I just love all the little baby sounds they make and the cute little expressions and seeing that total devotion from a new mom and dad. Their whole world changed in the course of a week and they are different people now. Having a baby changes a person for the better. Take a look at the little sweetie here!

In personal news I am currently underway planning the social event of the season that is the 4-year-old's Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party. It's shaping up to be a squealfest. I can hardly wait for the lovely migraine. I just can't believe we got the boy potty trained before the big event! Check back this weekend to see what's sure to be some lovely photos of the big Rat chasing my terrified 4-year-old under the table.

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