Friday, February 26, 2010

And what will they remember about this day...

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Girl Scout cookies. Lisa on Location is officially open for business -- not that I wasn't before as well. But now I've got the army of the Blue Blazers behind me. And why will they be out there spreading my name and singing my praises? Because I gave them Girl Scout cookies. Yes, there was a slide show of my favorite images to wow them with my artistic genius. There were plenty of photo albums to flip through, free cards with my images to take with them. I even served wine to the few who chose to partake in my favorite Shiraz. But I believe I will be remembered fondly as that photographer lady who gave us Girl Scout cookies. They put away 5 boxes in 15 minutes.

There's our picture on the right. I'm the one with the big over-sized scissors about to slice into my favorite velvet maroon Christmas ribbon (bought on clearance sale in January). Those scissors are surprisingly heavy and sharp and the guy next to me was quick to snatch them from my hand as soon as the photo was snapped (must have been expensive too).

It was fun meeting all the Blue Blazers. They're a friendly and personable group. Thanks for coming out everyone! And there's more cookies where those came from!

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