Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beauty in Your Own Backyard

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I had a rare weekend off last weekend -- well off from photography that is. I didn't schedule any sessions or appointments so that I could spend time with the family. It was my son's 4th birthday and we put on a grand shindig for him at Chuck E. Cheese -- that in itself is worthy of a blog that I will stay clear of lest I lose all respectability in your eyes! The next day we went to my mom's house to spend the day with my family. It was two years ago today that I lost my dad to cancer and this weekend will always be a weekend off and spent with the family in his honor.

But I just can't spend a weekend without picking up the camera. I'm hopelessly incapable of putting it down for more than a few hours at a time. With no people to shoot and a good 4 hours until the start of the mayhem that was my son's birthday party, I decided to head out to the backyard to shoot. Now what to shoot -- the Siamese cat was licking herself on the sandbox, snap snap; the bees were buzzing around the plum tree, which was in full bloom, snap snap; the first wildflowers of spring were starting to pop up out of the weeds, snap snap; a metal watering can that was left outside all winter was starting to rust and develop an interesting color, snap snap. My little adventure in the backyard proved to be a lot of fun. I'm sharing one of the photos I took of the plum blooms.

The plum trees were in full bloom the day my daddy died. He had a premonition about that a few months before, waking from a dream and announcing that he would die while the plum trees were in bloom. I'm sharing this photo in honor of him and in hopes that maybe the next time you see a plum tree in bloom, you too will think of how precious the time you have here on earth is. And that you too will look for the beauty in your own backyard.

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