Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Typical Sunday Afternoon

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So I had a really cool session Sunday afternoon -- I know most photographers don't work on Sundays but I'm not most photographers. Morgan wants to be a model so she asked me to help her get some photos that will make her portfolio stand out. I decided to try something wild with an old costume I had. I had made this for myself years ago to wear to the Renaissance Festival -- before I started having children and lost my tiny tummy, of course. A warrior woman costume complete with bows and arrows, daggers, and of course, war paint. We added my favorite leather lace up boots and there we had it. The results of that session can be seen here. I think they turned out great.

I had also been planning on a trash the dress session. Morgan needed variety and I'm always up for a good trashing of the dress. I grabbed one of my many spare bridal gowns -- yes I'm fierce at hitting the thrift stores and freecycle for used bridal gowns. I had planned on having her wear the dress while traipsing through the creek bottom where we shot the warrior princess series but then it hit me, literally as I was pulling out of the driveway to go to the session. We were meeting at the creek next to the Little League fields -- baseball fields! I put the van in park, jumped out and dragged out my daughter's softball bag. So here we have the results of that series! I was stoked -- and I never use that word -- it sounds too Sk8erboi -- but I truly was stoked. The images were just creating themselves. Morgan was great at coming up with poses and expressions and we really worked well together to create these images.

Thanks for a great session Morgan! I'm so glad you called me!

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