Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breastfeeding Art Once More

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Okay this is going to really throw my regular readers for a loop! I'm blogging again! Twice in one week is rare let alone twice in one day! But I had two blog-worthy sessions last weekend and I couldn't choose between them so I'm going to make a blog for each.

This is Amira. I did a pregnancy session with her last summer and we decided at that time that I would do another session with her as a breastfeeding mom once the baby was born. That baby was born a few months ago and we intended to do this sooner, but life just gets in the way. Some of you may remember Amira's belly from my Beauty of Motherhood series. Some of the photos I shot of her also appeared in New Beginnings -- that magazine that did a spread about my little series on breastfeeding photography.

This baby is just too cute for words. She was so sweet and gave me so many smiles and sweet expressions. She's at the age where everything around her fascinates her so it was a challenge to get her to actually nurse for some of the photos, but we did manage to get a few. The favorite I've chosen to share here is one of those moments when she'd rather not nurse, but look up at Mom and giggle. That's okay too. It makes for a really sweet image that Mommies everywhere can relate to -- whether they breastfed or not.

I was going for mother nature -- breastfeeding out in the woods. We met up at the Botanical Garden but forgot that they close at 5 p.m. and the light doesn't get nice until after that time. But that was okay, there are plenty of nice nature surroundings in the parking area of the gardens. We draped Amira in Flowing earthy fabrics and set her up in a nice area only to be visited twice by employees and a security guard coming out to make sure we weren't hooligans up to no good. I'm afraid we horribly embarrassed him, however, by the way he quickly turned away and high-tailed it out of there once he realized that Amira was -- gasp-- breastfeeding! He ran quickly away shouting something like "take all the time you need -- there's no problem -- you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like." It was so nice of him to be so supportive.

Take a look at Amira's session here. And give me a call if you'd like images like this of you and your precious baby.

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