Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shameless self promotion time

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Well my goal for this summer is to build my photography business through word of mouth. I hope that by this fall I can be busy enough with my photography to see a steady stream of revenue, which I will then turn around and put back into the business by making major equipment purchases and advertising. I took a huge step on that road by joining a stock photography program. I really hope it turns into a success for me. My specialty has always been people, but most of the stock photography I hope to sell will be places, architecture and animals. I'm hoping it will give me that little steady stream of income that will allow me to do more of the things I love to do -- like people!

Word of mouth can't work, however, without your help! If you like what you see on my site, tell others. If you don't like it, well, I hope you'll keep that part to yourself ;-)

Today I also wanted to share a photo I took at the missions that's part of an experiment -- because I really like to share some things that I learn! I've been fascinated lately with HDR photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which is a method of combining several photographs in various stages of exposure to get a final print that has high definition in the shadow areas as well as high definition in the highlighted areas. It can be done by combining three of the exact same photos together through various photo editing programs. I have made the attempt several times through Adobe Bridge's create HDR function but haven't been happy. So I tried to fake it with this photo of the Mission San Jose. I opened it in RAW three times and each time I adjusted the exposure by one full stop. I then opened each saved image and added it as a layer to one final image. I erased the areas of each layer that I didn't want to show through and left only those sections of each layer that had the detail and the colors I liked. It's not perfect -- actually it's far from perfect -- but I think I'm on the right track. I'll be trying more of this technique in the future and I hope to share more of what I create here as I get better at it.

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