Monday, June 1, 2009

13 years and still counting

Thirteen years ago today I married my husband and partner, Jayme. We wanted to do something special, which is always a challenge with us and our busy lives and busy children. Yesterday Jayme's mom came into town to spend the day with the kids so we could slip out. We drove around New Braunfels looking for interesting things to take pictures of and also scouting out more locations to bring clients to for sessions. We found a few places that we think will make for some cool portrait settings! Then we had lunch and went browsing at Target. That's right, wild fun for the old married folks! It isn't everyday, however, that we can goof off on our own without three little monkeys grabbing everything they see and running up and down the aisles.

We're also reminded at this time of the year about our horrible photography experience at our own wedding. We didn't know anyone in town at that time so -- lacking a source for good recommendations -- we hired the first photographer who came along for our wedding. He was from an established studio that had been there forever so we assumed he'd do fine. Bad assumption. Not only did we get awful images from our hired photographer (who did NOT want to be there and rushed us through the whole reception with a heavy hand and sarcastic attitude), but it seems luck was against us in that whole department. My mother-in-law took tons of pictures, but it seems her camera malfunctioned that day and ruined them all. Another relative took some, but said they were lost by the lab, another relative took some but managed to cut the head off of everyone. I'm reminded of the repurcussions of hiring bad photographers for big events every time I want to show off my own wedding. I have vowed to never let that happen to one of my clients.

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