Monday, May 4, 2009

Lost data, a trip to stonehenge and more family portraits

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This past weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind for the family. Last week was sad and dark. We didn't know what would happen with this Swine Flu scare, we were nervous about that plus we had a personal loss in the household. The weekend, however, picked up for us with a family roadtrip to Stonehenge II near Kerrville. I had been wanting to see it for a while but it seems we just could never fit it into our schedule. With the Swine Flu forcing all kinds of cancellations, we finally had a moment. On the way out we stopped at the Cave Without a Name -- which we had also been trying to make it to for a long time. We got a personal tour of the cave because nobody else showed up at that time. We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful trip.

I've been processing photos from that trip all weekend and had a really great family photo session yesterday with some neighbors of mine -- look for their portraits on the Family page in my gallery. Just when I thought things were looking up -- SMASH -- literally. My darling husband accidentally kicked over the harddrive in the middle of a download. Uh-oh. Now it's making a strange whirring sound when we turn it on and of course the computer is not recognizing it. The nice folks who helped us recover some lost data on the desktop computer a while back had some grim news for us. They can't recover it. It may be possible to recover them in a clean room at a cost of about $700. Ouch. Fortunately for me I'm anal about backing up and had multiple copies of most of my finished photographs on various online galleries. But unfortunately for me I hadn't burned any discs recently so I lost all the original raw files of a lot of photographs. Raw is like a digital negative of a print. I shoot in RAW and then I make magic in Photoshop and save the prints in JPEG format for publication and print making. I still have all the JPEGs, but the RAW files are gone. But what's really tragic for me is that I had some home videos on that hard drive that had not been backed up yet. I'm sick about the loss of those. But I haven't given up yet. It still may be possible to save them. We're looking into it. I did learn some valuable lessons to this. Back-up. Not just once, not just every now and then. But back-up fast and back-up often.

My poor husband lost a lot more than me in the accident. Years and years of writing. He hadn't learned the back-up thing yet. Or actually he did, just not as well as me. Wish us luck and if anyone has any ideas for us on how to save our files, let me know.

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