Monday, May 11, 2009

I thought weekends were for taking it easy!

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This past weekend was so packed with activity I didn't have a chance to stop moving long enough to do any computer work at all. I sat down this morning with a backlog from 3 photo sessions plus enough family snapshots to fill an album.

First off, the photo I'm sharing with you today is one taken from my cousin's engagement session Saturday night. She was so good about letting me try different and experimental things. This is one I'm really happy with. I wanted to demonstrate this couple's love by showing them standing still and into each other while the world around them is bustling with activity. I used a really slow shutter speed and had my cousin and her fiance stand perfectly still. The tricky part was getting people to pass by us at their normal pace. Everyone wanted to stand back and be polite by not getting into the picture. They couldn't understand why I would WANT them to walk into the frame.

I have hours and hours of processing time ahead of me still. I hope to give my cousin at least 100 pictures to choose from and I took hundreds of shots.

Another session I had Saturday was tons of fun. We threw a bride into an inner tube and had her float the Comal river a little ways. I love what I've seen so far from that session and can't wait to process some of those shots and get them up.

Last of all, yesterday was Mother's Day as I'm sure you'll remember. After a very late night Saturday getting in from Austin (for my cousin's session) I was looking forward to sleeping late. That was thwarted by my darling daughter who decided to bring me breakfast in bed at the crack of dawn. It was their school assignment to prepare a menu for mom and then surprise her in bed. I wonder how many other second graders in my neighborhood got the same lovely surprise!

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