Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rare day off!

I couldn't believe my luck today but it turned out I had a rare day off. Wow! I hardly knew what to do with myself. I managed to keep busy, however, and am now shocked that the day is almost over. Where did it go?! I ended up spending a few hours online this morning doing some website edits and creating some postcards for publicity. I sent those off to the printer and should have them in a couple of weeks. My dear neighbor and friend has generously offered to take some postcards to her OB's office when they come in. I'm starting a massive (well massive for me) advertising campaign and am hoping to reach out to the pregnant crowd. I started offering a "Baby's First Year" package that will include six photo sessions from pre-natal all the way up to baby's first birthday. I love pregnancy and nursing photos -- as is evident from past blogs as well as my Beauty of Motherhood gallery.

The Blaschke family had some trauma and some rejoicing the past 24 hours. Last night it seems our mischievious but oh-so-adorable Siamese kitten kocked over the finch cage and ate one of my daughter's three birds. There were many teardrops and tender moments of consolation. Daddy vacuumed up a plethora of feathers and put the naughty kitten in the garage for the night. This afternoon, however, my daughter was picking up her room and came across a scared, but very much alive, little finch huddled in the corner behind her dresser. This time we saw tears of joy as she scooped the little bird up and returned her to her cage with her family. Daddy, was of course baffled -- he had assumed the bird gone into the tummy of naughty kitten since there were very many feathers and signs of destruction all around and of course one missing finch.

On another note, the swine flu scare has run its course and the Comal ISD has announced that school will resume tomorrow instead of next Monday. It seems the swine flu has turned out to not be as bad as everyone feared and there have been no more cases confirmed since the initial two last week. I'm very happy that this bug is not going to be the killer we had feared. I'm also glad the girls will have school once again -- they were getting a bit bored and we were all getting stir crazy staying in the house. I took them to Chik Fil A for lunch today to celebrate our return to society. But we certainly sanitized our hands afterwards.

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