Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trash that dress!

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I've been trying to find a willing bride to throw into the Comal river for a while now and then Sarah came along. She was great! This was one of the most fun photo shoots I've done and I think it shows. We had to make it to Hinman Island Park early in the morning to beat the swarm of tubers that were sure to hit. This park is packed on a Saturday in mid May and it's unbearable during the summer months. We were lucky to have this section of the river to ourselves. I'm adding these shots to the Bridal section of my page and I'm considering making a whole new gallery with just "Trash the Dress" shots. I seem to have a ton of those and they keep on coming in.

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  1. Lisa, it was SUCH a blast to work with you and meet your famiy! The shots that you got and the ideas that you have and the way you work with the pictures afterwards is truly unique. It's a talent you're blessed with, and please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help y'all... Photograph-wise or otherwise! : )