Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More engagement shots

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I wanted to post another of my cousin's engagement shots and talk a little bit about it. It's a selective color shot of the happy couple near a sidewalk cafe. I was trying to think of a way to make the couple stand out. I used several different techniques in some of the other shots including the slow shutter speed while the couple stood perfectly still. Take a look two blogs down to see that example. There are other techniques I used in other shots including, wide aperture to blur the background and another where I actually did some "burning" of the happy couple to make them brighter than their surroundings. But this picture really pops I think. It's a technique that some photographers consider cheesy and overdone, but you know, it works! What do you think?

I had a rare day off today so I got to work with some more Trash the Dress photos I needed to process and I finally put up that special gallery for just those types of pictures. I was able to pull them out of the Bridal gallery and feature them on their own.

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