Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bluebonnet Time

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I had feared that this year would bring no bluebonnet pictures for our family because New Braunfels has had almost no rain for the past 6 months. But we traveled up to Temple last weekend for my cousin's wedding reception -- alas she eloped to Hawaii so we were unable to witness her actual nuptials, but she made up for it by throwing a great party with an open bar so who am I to complain! On the way we passed a little patch of them near an elementary school. This is the same patch we used to take my cats out to before I had children to subject to the old "loved ones in a bluebonnet patch" portraits.

The sun was a bit harsh being that it was a little after 5 p.m., but some of the shots came out okay.

On the subject of bluebonnets, I signed up for a workshop this weekend in Brenham. The workshop will consist of plenty of shooting time with a host of models in a bluebonnet field -- Brenham is apparently one of the few areas of the state to get lots of bluebonnets. I spent a year of my life in Brenham just out of college working for their newspaper. They used to publish the names of the people who saw the first bluebonnet of the year. "Little Sally Walker saw the first bluebonnet of the year off Pecan Street yesterday morning" etc. Yes, bluebonnets are big in Brenham -- not as big as Blue Bell, but pretty close. I'm looking forward to the experience and hope to be able to learn a few new tricks.

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