Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This weekend's session

Well I've been Photoshopping like mad the past three days and I have the numb wrist to prove it. As I mentioned previously, I had more than 650 shots to sort through and from which to choose. I narrowed it down to about 85 shots that I like (all in all there were at least a hundred that I loved but some were so similar I had to choose between them). So on top of my normal duties as mommy, childcare giver, Girl Scout leader, and wife I've also been taking advantage of naptime and "Daddy's home" time to get these photos edited and ready for sharing as soon as possible -- with very little sleep along the way. I think the processing of the photo is my favorite part -- that's when the finished print really comes to life.

That being said, I'm a bit surprised by my choice of my favorite shot. It's this one. I did very little post shoot processing on this one. There was no use of flash or reflector, very little magical editing in Photoshop. This shot is just a simple use of available light from a window and I think it speaks volumes. What is she looking at? Did she just wake up on the day of her wedding and decide to try on the veil and dance around the room when something got her attention outside? Could it be her groom coming to see her? What also makes it special in my opinion is that Kristina is not wearing a drop of make-up. It's glamorous and seductive in the most natural sense possible. What do you think?

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