Friday, April 10, 2009

Nursing Mothers series

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Remember the other day when I mentioned I had put the call out to nursing moms to get some breastfeeding shots in my gallery? Well this is the first mom to answer the call. Isn't this little girl adorable! I have more sessions lined up through the weekend so I hope to be getting more shots like this up next week. I love capturing these kind of moments. It's priceless!

Okay I had to come back to this one and explain why there is no picture there. I had posted it to Flickr but was a little troubled by a less-than-desirable group who wanted to add it to their page. I removed it out of respect for this mother. It is, however, still available on my page in my Beauty of Motherhood Gallery and I stand by it as a beautiful example of motherhood. If you see other photographs removed in my previous blogs, the same reason applies as well.

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