Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Watch the skies!

Howdy, folks! It's Jayme here to share a bit of coolness from this morning's commute:

I have to confess, sadly, that the above image isn't from this morning's commute. It's from a morning commute back in 2008, when I was just starting out on my grand photographic adventure. Over the early-morning skies of San Marcos I spotted the colorful balloon, and as I entered town, I watched it cross over Interstate 35 and languidly follow the course of the San Marcos River. I, of course, pulled over and took as many shots as my feeble skills allowed at the time. The results were pleasing, even looking back now and being painfully aware of my limitations.

The balloon was back this morning, following the same general course as it had two years before. The early sun was illuminating it in glorious fashion. It floated gently, an inviting, multicolored subject if ever there was one. And me without my camera.

I keep telling myself that I need to carry my camera with me everywhere I go, but I invariably forget. Maybe this will teach me a lesson.

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