Friday, October 15, 2010

In honor of Halloween, I present for you Frankenstein's Baby...

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Okay, calm down. I know that title is going to rile up some of you. Rest assured that I'm not implying in any way that this baby is anything other than a sweet, beautiful little girl who I absolutely adore. But I will for the purpose of this blog call her Frankenstein's Baby because this image is actually made up of three different images. I didn't do any grave robbing to build her, I used my mad "scientist" skills.

Working with 1-year-olds can be a nightmare worthy of the scariest horror film for photographers. Almost as much as working with 2-year-olds. Flipping through the images I shot for this photo is much like looking through a blooper reel. She didn't want to sit there and smile, first she wanted to fuss because I put her down, then pick her nose, then tug at her ear, then she wanted to look over there, then over there -- anywhere of course except me. And smiling? Forget about it. In fact the only way I managed to get her to smile was to say "where's that silly Miss Lisa?" which would of course get the smile I wanted, but she'd also raise her hand to reach out to me, which I did not want.

So after firing off no fewer than 30 shots in a mere minute and a half, I decided to let Photoshop help me out on this one. Found the smile I wanted from the photo of her reaching for me so I snagged that and put it on the pose I wanted where her expression said "get me off this pumpkin right now or I fill my pants!" Once the smile was successfully placed I noticed her right eye was squinting quite a bit so I pulled an eye from another image and pasted it as well.

So now this sweet little face is made up of three different images of that same sweet face. If I can't get this darling to give me the look I want I'll just build it myself gosh darn it!

Next on the blog roll, zombie babies from Mars. Calm down, I'm kidding!

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