Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Adventures at the South Texas Maize

South Texas Corn Maze
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I took a rare Saturday off last weekend and headed out to the South Texas Maize just east of Hondo. I had never been to one of these mazes before and we were all a little curious. Can you really get lost in field of corn? Is it scary? We were not disappointed. The maze is actually not corn, it's hay grazer. They say the hay grazer is more drought and pest tolerant than the corn allowing it to get really big. The stalks are between 6 and 8 feet tall and are pretty thick at the base creating walls along the maze.

So is it scary? yes and no. We were never in fear of being lost. We knew to follow the sounds of other people and there were plenty of people there. I don't recommend it after dark, however, although I imagine it's popular to the Hondo teenagers after dark.

My favorite part was this spooky tree in the photo. It was actually two trees intertwined -- one dead and one still alive.

After we left the maze we headed into D'Hanis to make a stop at our favorite abandoned church. Jayme took some amazing infrared photos there and he's promised to blog about them soon!

Happy Halloween!

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